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战后,美国和苏联瓜分了纳粹人体试验科学家和医生们,他们进入了美国和苏联。这些纳粹医学战争罪犯们绝大部分都没有在军事法庭上得到审判。 他们进入了后来的CIA和KGB继续秘密地做人体试验。



维基百科上的关于MK Ultra项目的介绍被人为地编辑,故意放进了许多的虚假信息。

现在,一群当年在加拿大进行的CIA的MK Ultra人体试验受害者们和家属们正在控告加拿大政府,下面是他们的律师写的102页的申诉书的其中三页,并被翻译成了华文。


Starting from Nazi's human experiments, and Japan's No.731 army human experiments before second world war, to nowadays, governments' secret human experiments have never stopped.

After second world war, USA's secret service(CIA later) fully absorbed scientists and doctors from Japan's No. 731 army of human experiments. Most of the Japanese medical war criminals were not charged in military court.

After the war USA's and Soviet's secret services divided and took in Nazi's scientists and doctors of human experiments. They entered USA and SOVIET. Most of the Nazi medical war criminals were not charged in military court. They entered agencie later called CIA and KGB and continued doing human experiments secretly.

From that time on, they have never stopped. It is 21 century now, the experiments are more hidden than 1940s, 1950s and 1960s. Nowadays the electromagnetic mind control experiments can be done remotely and can be done via cell phones, computers and internet. Unaware victims don't know what are happening.

USA, Russia, China, Canada, Europe, Japan, India and other countries are involved in secret human experiments.

The description of MK Ultra project on Wikipedia has been edited and deliberately added much disinformation in it.

Now, a group of victims and their family members of CIA's MK Ultra human experiments in Canada lauched a class action lawsuit against Canada government. Below is only the three pages from the 102 pages of the lawyer's letter. It is translated into Mandarin language as well.

Jan 27, 2021;

===== The excerpt of the lawyer's letter 申诉书的摘录 =====


“The project in Montreal was one in which psychiatric patients, hospitalized for a variety of different reasons, were subjected to a series of procedures that involved the use of experimental drugs, intensive shock treatments, sensory deprivation, forced sleep for weeks on end and the use of recorded voices for hours at a time in order to bring about behaviour change. These procedures, designed to manufacture new lives for those on whom they were applied, only succeeded in destroying the lives which they had led. For some, these techniques so changed their basic sense of self that what was left appeared unrecognizable to those who loved them.

One of those people was my father.”

Harvey Weinstein, A Father, a Son and the CIA





一. 一般性介绍

A) The Action
A) 行动

1. The Applicant wishes to institute a class action on behalf of the following class, of which she is a member, namely:

1. 申诉人希望代表下列群体提起集体诉讼,她亦是该群体成员,该群体即:

• All persons who underwent depatterning treatment at the Allan Memorial Institute in Montreal, Quebec, between 1948 and 1964 using Donald Ewen Cameron’s methods (the “Montreal Experiments”) and their successors, assigns, family members, and dependants or any other group to be determined by the Court;

• 那些遭受了去模(depatterning)处理的所有人,即在魁北克省蒙特利尔市的阿兰纪念研究所,于1948年到1964年之间,使用唐纳德·埃文·卡梅隆的方法(“蒙特利尔试验”)处理过的人们,以及他们的继承人、受让人、家庭成员、幼者及其他由法院指定的人群。

2. The “Montreal Experiments” refers to Donald Ewen Cameron’s methods of depatterning and repatterning the brain, including, but not limited to: (i) drug-induced sleep/coma, (ii) intensive electroconvulsive therapy (“ECT”), (iii) “psychic driving”, (iv) sensory deprivation, and (v) administration of various barbiturates, chemical agents and medications to suppress nerve functionality and activation;

2.“蒙特利尔实验”是指唐纳德·埃文·卡梅隆(Donald Ewen Cameron)进行脑部删去模图和再造模图的方法,包括但不限于:(1)药物诱发的睡眠/昏迷,(2)强化电惊厥疗法(“ ECT”),(3)“精神驱动”,(4)感觉剥除,和(5)施用各种巴比妥类药物,化学制剂和药物以抑制神经功能和活动;

3. “Depatterning” refers to Cameron’s methods of erasing a patient’s thoughts whereby patients were immobilized, rendered intellectually helpless and prevented from using their usual defences through the use of intensive Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT)[1], sensory isolation, massive amounts of sedatives and barbiturates to lessen patients’ resistance and to induce sleep treatment. It was a three-stage process in which patients lost track progressively of time and space through extreme disturbances of memory;

3. “去模” 是指卡梅隆的删除病人思想的方法,即通过使用强化电惊厥疗法(ECT)[1]、感觉隔离、大量镇静剂和巴比妥类药物来降低病人的抵抗力并诱发睡眠,使得病人处于无法动弹、智力无助、无法使用其通常的抵抗手段的状态。这是一个三阶段的过程,在这个过程中,通过极度的记忆干扰,病人逐渐失去了时间和空间的轨迹。

Note [1]: Electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), formerly known as electroshock therapy, and often referred to as shock treatment, is a psychiatric treatment in which seizures are electrically induced in patients to provide relief from mental disorders. ECT is often used as a last line of intervention for major depressive disorder, mania, and catatonia.

注解[1]: 电惊厥疗法(ECT),以前也叫做电休克疗法, 常常也指休克治疗,是一种精神科处理方法,通过它用电在患者身上诱发癫痫,来缓解精神失常。电惊厥疗法是用来干涉重度抑郁症、狂躁症和紧张症的最后的手段。

4. “Psychic driving” refers to the “repatterning” procedure whereby patients were subjected to a continuously repeated audio message on a looped tape, often concurrently with muscular paralytic and sedating drugs, such as Thorazine and Amobarbital[2], to subdue them for purposes of exposure to the looped message(s). This included “negative driving” – the use of negative and destructive messages of statements that patients had expressed about themselves (for example: “you are selfish”) followed by “positive driving” – the use of positive messages (for example: “you are lovable”) repeated between 250,000 to 500,000 times;

4. “精神驱动”指的是“再造模图”过程,即让病人接受在一个循环播放的磁带上连续的重复的语音信息,常常同时辅以肌肉麻痹和镇静药物,例如氯丙嗪和阿莫巴比妥[2],来制服他们,以达到使他们暴露在循环信息中的目的。这包括“消极驱动”——使用消极和破坏性的陈述信息,病人对他们自己的表述(例如“你是自私的”),接着就是“积极驱动”,——使用积极信息(例如“你是可爱的”)重复25万到50万遍。

Note [2]: Amobarbital (formerly known as amylobarbitone or sodium amytal) is a drug that is a barbiturate derivative. It has sedative-hypnotic properties. When given slowly by an intravenous route, sodium amobarbital has a reputation for acting as a so-called truth serum. Under the influence, a person will divulge information that under normal circumstances they would block.

注解[2]: 阿莫巴比妥 (原名氨酰巴比妥或阿米妥钠),是一种药物,属于巴比妥酸盐衍生物。它具有镇定和催眠的特性。当通过静脉缓慢给药时,阿莫巴比妥钠有所谓真言血清的美誉,在它的影响之下,一个人会透露秘密,而在正常情况下他们会隐藏这种秘密。

5. The sensory deprivation involved depriving patients of their senses by covering their ears, eyes, and/or skin, depriving them of food, water, and oxygen and instead injecting them with drugs such as Lysergic Acid Diethyamide (LSD)[3] and curare[4] to keep them in a disoriented and paralyzed state;

5. 感觉剥夺涉及剥夺患者的感觉,通过盖住他们的耳朵、眼睛和(或者)皮肤,剥夺他们的食品、水和氧气,而是给他们注射药物例如麦角酸二乙酰胺(LSD)[3]和箭毒素[4]来让他们处于一种失去方向和瘫痪的状态之中。

Note [3]: Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD), also known as acid, is a hallucinogenic drug. Effects typically include altered thoughts, feelings, and awareness of one's surroundings.
注解[3]: 麦角酸二乙酰胺(LSD),也是一种酸,是一种致幻药物。典型的效果包括思想的改变、感觉的改变、和对周围环境的认识的改变。

Note [4]: Curare is a drug used in surgery to temporarily and involuntarily paralyze a patient’s muscles.
注解[4]: 箭毒素是一种药物,用于手术中,用来暂时地和不情愿地瘫痪一个病人的肌肉。

6. The drug-induced sleep involved administering patients with large amounts of sedatives (such as chlorpromazine, marketed under the trade-names Thorazine and Largactyl) in order to put them into an artificial coma, a large majority of which took place in the “sleep room”, usually lasting from a few days up to 86 days;

6. 药物诱导睡眠涉及给病人注射大量镇静剂(如氯丙嗪,以商品名为Thorazine和Largactyl出售),是为了使他们陷入人工昏迷,其中绝大部分试验是在 "睡眠室 "里进行的,通常持续从几天到86天。

7. Despite being kept in a childlike state due to the mass amount of drugs they were being administered, patients were still fearful of the sleep room. Their collective terror was so strong that patients would walk with their back to the wall when passing the door to the sleep room, fearful of their return;

7. 尽管由于被大量注射药物而使患者处于儿童状态,他们仍然对睡眠室充满了恐惧。他们的集体恐惧感是如此的强烈,以至于病人在经过睡眠室门口时,都会背靠着墙走,生怕自己会再次进去。

8. None of the patients had given informed consent to the Montreal Experiments or were even aware that these experiments were being conducted, instead being under the impression that they were receiving medically sound therapy;

8. 没有一个病人曾经给予“蒙特利尔试验”知情同意书,甚至不知道这些实验正在进行,而是以为他们正在接受医学的声音疗法。

9. As a result of the trauma, patients often suffered from retrograde, psychogenic or dissociative amnesia[5] for the rest of their lives and, having lost control of their bladders and bowels, had to relearn most basic skills in order to function. Many were in a childlike state and even had to be potty-trained. Family members described them as even more emotionally unstable as before and many of them were unable to live a normal life afterwards;

9. 由于创伤,病人们常常由于逆行性、精神性或解离性失忆症[5]而在余生感到痛苦的折磨,他们失去了对膀胱和肠道的控制能力,而不得不重新学习生活的最基本的技能。 很多人处于一种小孩状态,甚至不得不接受上厕所的训练。家人们描述他们甚至比(接受治疗)之前更加的情绪不稳定。他们中的很多人在以后无法过上正常的生活。

Note [5]: Retrograde amnesia (RA) is a loss of memory-access to events that occurred, or information that was learned, before an injury or the onset of a disease. Psychogenic amnesia or dissociative amnesia, is a memory disorder characterized by sudden retrograde episodic memory loss. More recently, dissociative amnesia has been defined as a dissociative disorder characterized by retrospectively reported memory gaps. These gaps involve an inability to recall personal information, usually of a traumatic or stressful nature. Psychogenic amnesia is defined by the presence of retrograde amnesia (the inability to retrieve stored memories leading up to the onset of amnesia), and an absence of anterograde amnesia (the inability to form new long-term memories).

注解[5]: 逆行性失忆症(RA)是指,在受伤或疾病发作之前的,所发生的事件的,或者已经学习过的东西的,记忆的失去。精神性失忆症或解离性失忆症,是一种记忆障碍,以突发的逆行性的分段式的记忆消失为特征。最近,解离性失忆症被定义为一种分离性障碍,以对过去的记忆出现缺口为特征的。这些缺口涉及不能回忆个人信息,通常属于一种创伤性或应激性的本质。精神性失忆症的定义是:存在逆行性失忆症(不能回忆以前的记忆导致失忆症的发生),但是没有顺行性失忆症(不能形成新的长期记忆)。

10. The Montreal Experiments consisted of extreme mind-control brainwashing experimentation on unwitting patients, making a mockery of the doctor-patient relationship;

10. 蒙特利尔试验包括对不知情的病人进行极端的脑控洗脑试验,嘲弄了医患关系。

11. Simply put, the Montreal Experiments were a form of psychological torture inflicted upon hundreds of unsuspecting persons and which had traumatizing, damaging, and emotionally-crippling effects that lasted for the remainder of their lives and the lives of their families;


12. To this day, neither the Canadian government, the CIA, McGill, nor the Royal Victoria Hospital have issued formal apologies for their involvement with the Montreal Experiments;

12. 直到今天,无论是加拿大政府,还是中央情报局,还是麦吉尔大学,还是皇家维多利亚医院,都没有为参与蒙特利尔实验而正式道歉。

13. By reason of their actions and omissions, the Defendants enabled the Montreal Experiments to be conducted, thereby causing the Applicant and the members of the Class to suffer severe, debilitating, and painful personal injury to their bodies and minds, as well as other moral, mental/emotional, and economic damages, upon which they are entitled to claim;

13. 由于他们的行为和不作为,被告使得蒙特利尔试验得以进行, 从而导致申诉人和本集体的成员遭受到严重的,失去能力的,和痛苦的,在他们的身体和精神上的个人损伤的折磨,并伴有其它道德的、精神的/情绪的、和经济的伤害,对此他们有权要求索赔。


(Above is only three pages from the 102 pages of the lawyer's letter, the file name of the full document is t1.pdf )
( 上述的翻译仅仅是102页的律师信的前面的三页。全文请看英文原版文件 t1.pdf
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